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For a building to have immovable strength, the foundation must be strong. Choose SMR pile foundation for the best piling, guniting contractors, and geotechnical services for your projects.

pile foundation in bangalore

(+91) 9845937693

About Us

Pile Foundation Service in Bangalore

SMR Foundation Provides Pile Foundation Service, Guniting Contractors, Load Testing and Geo Technical Services in Bangalore.

SMR Pile Foundation stands out as a premier provider of construction solutions in Bangalore. With expertise in Piling, Guniting, Geo-technical, Soil Nailing, Shotcreting, Load Testing, Auger Piling, Micropiling, Rotary Piling, Plate Load Testing, Soil Stabilization, and more, our commitment lies in ensuring quality over quantity. Our steady progress reflects a dedication to maintaining top-notch production standards, making us a trusted choice for comprehensive foundation and construction services.


Our Foundation Service

Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation provide essential foundation support for structures by installing deep vertical elements (piles) into the ground.

Gunite Contractors

Gunite contractors specialize in the application of gunite, a mixture of cement, sand, and water sprayed pneumatically onto surfaces.

Geo Technical Services

Geo technical services involve assessing and analyzing soil and rock properties for construction projects.

Underpinning Contractors

Underpinning is a method we use to strengthen the foundation of an existing building or structure Constucting Building.

piling contractors in bangalore

Leading Foundation Service Provider

If you're seeking experienced and dependable Pile Foundation in Bangalore, SMR is your solution. Specializing in piling, underpinning, and foundation groundwork in Bangalore, we deliver quality solutions for various projects. With a track record of excellence, we cater to contractors and homeowners alike, surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impression. Choose SMR Foundation for a dedicated team committed to high-quality workmanship and achieving the finest results in collaboration with you.

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  • 01. What services do We provide?

    SMR Foundation provides Pile Foundation, Guniting Contractors, Geo technical Services, Soil Nailing Contractors, Shotcreting Contractors, Load Testing Services services in Bangalore.

  • 02. Where We Are Providing Service?

    Indiranagar, Madivala, Bellandur, Jayanagar, Gandhi Nagar, Marathali, Wilson Garden, MG Road, Whitefield, Viveknagar, Shantinagar, Panathur, Mico Layout, Mallathahalli, Bidrahalli, Electronic City, HRS Layout, JP Nagar, Koramangala, Gaviopuram, and All Around Bangalore.

  • 03. Where and why is pile foundations used?

    Pile foundations are structures that are located underground to support a building. Piles are long pillars that extend downwards into the ground to provide stability to the building above them. They are generally used in situations where the top layer of soil is weak and unable to withstand the weight of the building.

  • 04. What are types of pile foundations Avaliable?

    1. Screw piles
    2. Driven piles
    3. Bored piles
    4. Sheet piles
    5. Mini piles

  • 05. What is a pile foundation?

    A pile foundation is a type of deep foundation used to support heavy structures, such as buildings and bridges, by transferring their load to deeper soil with sufficient bearing capacity.

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